EU-HYBNET held its 1st Future Trends Workshop, #FTW
April 15, 2021
Lion DC Closing Conference
May 27, 2021


Dear Reader,
Welcome to the fourth edition of the Lion DC project newsletter.
Organisations all over the Europe were forced to adapt to the new era which derived from COVID-19 crisis. In this framework, LION DC consortium changed its time plan, schedule and sequence of actions, implementing innovative alternatives to successfully meet project’s goals, offering to LEAs useful training sessions and information in the best way possible. It’s been a while since the third issue of our newsletter, thus, going through the current version, you will find out plenty of consortium’s activities.
The project team after the successful implementation of the first two trainings, has also completed the “Practitioners” training and second version of Train the Trainers (TtT) training, both organised virtually. The material and exercises provided to the trainees with an overview of the way to conduct an online drug crime investigation, starting from the fundamentals and going quite deep. This newsletter provides all the information you need to stay on track with the latest innovations and activities on tackling online drug crimes.
Wish to find out more about the project? Go through this newsletter. Interested in getting involved? Have a look at the LION DC LinkedIn group and Twitter account, managed by consortium and at the Stakeholders Group section.
Looking forward to getting you on board this project.
Stay Safe!

Full Newsletter can be found here

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