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Quantum as a disruptive technology in Hybrid Threats

Hybrid warfare/conflict is nothing new in essence. However, technological trends suggest that the portfolio of hybrid hazards will rapidly expand. With their disruptive potential, they open up new avenues for undermining democracies.
New technologies create windows of opportunity for adversaries to launch hybrid attacks that can inflict significant damage, while the attacked party contemplates in uncertainty, trying to understand what is happening, and what is an appropriate response.
Today, innovative technologies provide a means of achieving political goals in the grey area at the interface between war and peace, for example, especially during periods of peace. At the same time, however, new technological developments may offer options to better identify, understand, defend against and counter hybrid attacks. Therefore, it is important for political, civilian, military leaders and decision makers, as well as industry and academia, to develop a comprehensive understanding of the implications of innovative technologies in a hybrid warfare/conflict context.
This paper discusses the significance of disruptive technologies and the need for viable strategies to counter hybrid threat onslaughts. Analysis of the disruptive potential of quantum computing serves as a practical case, highlighting how the hybrid community may contribute to the process of making our countries more resilient.

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