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The paper “Scientific Approach on OSINT Training Program Development based on a Skill-Management-System for European Law Enforcement Agencies

AuthorsDaniel Jenter, Markus Rock and Prof. Holger Morgenstern.

Abstract OSINT – Open Source Intelligence OSINT stands for the collection and analysis of publicly available data and information for the purpose of producing actionable intelligence to provide answers to questions asked. With the triumph of the Internet and social media these are an almost inexhaustible source of information, especially for law enforcement. In order to be able to satisfy the LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) needs on this topic, skills have been developed and defined that are required or desired for different roles and activities. Based on the developed and defined skills and roles, available trainings were determined and a Gap Analysis was created. On the basis of the gaps a blended learning training of the topic OSINT was developed. One approach could be implemented in form of a pilot-project within the SENTER-network.

The full paper can be found here.

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